Solaris Studio

Solaris is a studio space run by an artist collective working across new media. Named after Lem’s novel, Solaris is a place for exploration of the unknown and impossible with a specific focus on combining digital crafts with unusual materials. Solaris celebrates a hands-on approach, supports small productions and fosters exchange between the artists.

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Current Residents:
Valerian Blos
Hsiangfu Chen
Theresa Reimann-Dubbers
Catharina Dörr
Gosia Lehmann

Former Residents:
Maryna Makarenko


Past Event:

Heigh Weirdness


Rosanna Graf, Cellar Door, HD-Video, 21:50 min., 2022

Antonia Freisburger, Neozolp, oil on canvas, 280x200cm, 2021

Emily Hunt, Less is a Bore X, 2017

Loud cosmic bodies echo as whispers in the solar storm. We get lost in the maze of our own finger prints. A vacuum filled with visitors: ideas that linger in the back of our minds. Artefacts, waiting to be manifested. In colour from out of space. This planetary object of ours. It swallows, digests, preserves.

Solaris is very excited to host ‘High Weirdness’- a guest exhibition with Rosanna Graf, Emily Hunt and Antonia Freisburger.

‘High Weirdness’ will take you for a trip to the edges of human perception and comprehension; either through the vast universe of Antonia Freisburger’s paintings, magical tools to hunt for the unknown made by Rosanna Graf, or through the miniatures of domestic objects and nested stories of Emily Hunt’s ceramic figures. The exhibition plays with different aspects of ‘weird’ and glides on the borders between familiar and uncanny.

15.09.2022, 18-22h

Friday 16.09: 12 – 20h
Saturday & Sunday 17.09 – 18.09: 12 – 18h



Past Event:

Portals and


Solaris’ first exhibition, Portals and Potholes includes new as well as existing works by Gosia Lehmann, Hsiangfu Chen, Theresa Reimann-Dubbers, Valerian Blos and guest resident Catharina Dörr

There are four gateways in the small rectangular exhibition space: each artwork is either a portal – promising escape to other realms, or a pothole – jolting visitors’ attention back to the mundane texture of reality. Hsiangfu Chen’s kinetic installation beckons with feathers from phantom islands; Valerian Blos’ porcelain miniatures are distilled catastrophes; Gosia Lehmann’s mobile of powerpoint symbols searches for balance eternally whilst Theresa Reimann-Dubbers postcards document carpet fringes in the metaverse.

Portals and Portholes is the first exhibition in an on-going exchange between new media artists representing the same generation but with diverse fields of research. Solaris was formed in 2020 to create more room for such dialogue and collaboration.